1. What is Doc990?

Doc990 is a service that offers convenient booking facilities for Doctor Appointments at leading hospitals in Sri Lanka, Now you can attend to your health requirements and channel over 1000 specialists with Doc 990

2. What hospitals are available with Doc990?

3. How can I use the Doctor booking service through Doc990?

4. How do I download Doc990 Mobile Application?

5. How do I search a doctor using Doc990?

3 Easy steps to search a doctor at your convenience

6. How do I book an appointment with a doctor?

7. How do I know that the doctor appointment has been successful?

Once you proceed with the payment you will receive a confirmation SMS including below details to your mobile from Doc990.

Ref No: xxxxxxxx
Doctor: Doctor Name
No: Appointment Number
Hospital: Hospital Name
Date: Session Date
Time: Session Time (Time may vary according to doctor's arrival time)

No refund. No cancellations!

8. What are the booking charges?

9. What are the payment options available via web site?

Web site

990 Call Center

Dialog Arcades

Softlogic / Union Chemist / Check & Cure / George Goonarathne Outlets

10. If I misplaced or deleted the SMS, how can I get the SMS?

11. Whom Should I call for inquiries?

12. How do I make a suggestion about Doc 990 service?

You can send your valuable suggestions to service@doc.lk

13. What is Doc990 user registration?

As a Doc990 user, we provide you with a separate user login to help you use our services with added benefits.

14. Do I have to pay any yearly subscription fee or a one-time payment to get registered?

Not at all, the registration is provided free of charge. We want to make empowering you with our services to be a convenient and affordable process as much possible. Please feel FREE to register with Doc990.

15. Do I have to register my family members and loved ones separately and maintain multiple accounts?

Not at all, you can create a single account and add family members and loved ones to your profile and maintain their information linked to your profile. When you are making a Doc990 booking on their behalf, you can select their name and have the booking under their name. All the information will be tracked through a single login. This feature greatly simplifies the process of maintaining health records for you.

16. What are the benefits that I get by registering with Doc990?

17. I am a registered customer of Doc990 service with a PHN login, Do I have to register again?

Yes. We have introduced the new registration process hoping to provide an enhanced service to our customers. To enjoy these new services, we urge you to re-register, as you will get more benefits through your new user profile. We have already informed our loyal customers with user profiles to kindly re-register. If you have not received an email or SMS from us, please write to us at service@doc.lk to get more information regarding re-registration.

18. What are the digital healthcare products that Doc990 currently have to offer?

19. Are these services only available through web?

No. To serve you better we have provided apps for both Android and iOS based smartphones. All these apps can be installed Free of Charge from Google Play for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices.

20. How secure are the health information that I store in My Health Records?

We take the security of health information seriously!! Therefore, we have taken measures to store personal health information in secured servers that can only be accessed upon providing proper authorization credentials.

21. What about health information of my family member’s and loved ones?

The health information which includes doctor visits, prescriptions, etc can be linked to your profile. All their information can be tracked through a single login.

22. What is H-Card?

H-Card is a Doc990 digital card which includes your personal information for quick viewing.

23. What is a PHN?

PHN stands for Personal Health Number. The Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka introduced the PHN for people seeking services from healthcare providers. Issuance of PHNs is carried out by institutions under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. It is a number with 11 digits. The first 4 digits represent the issuing authority. The prefix 0990 represents all PHNs issued by Digital Health Private Limited (DHPL). This assures that no two persons will have the same PHN.

24. How do I get a PHN?

A PHN is issued by authorized institutions which are named by the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. Those institutions are called POI (Point of Issue institutions). They are typically key establishments that interact with the healthcare sector. The Ministry of Health has granted POI rights to DHPL (Digital Health Private Limited) to issue PHN for all customers that interact through various current and future healthcare products. It is issued to a person at the first instance he or she is interacting with a healthcare provider. The healthcare provider is attached to a POI establishment which will issue the PHN to that person.

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